How does one define “communication” in the blogging community?

Like the terms “blog” and “expert,” I believe “communication” needs a wider definition than what we typically assign. In my exploration of the blogging community, I came up with several ways to communicate with bloggers:

  • You can post comments related to a blog post-usually this involves a discussion immediately after the blog post
  • Bloggers might provide you with their e-mail address, thus allowing you to personally e-mail the author of the blog
  • Bloggers might link you to their social networking pages such as twitter (oops, although we defined this earlier as a “micro-blog”), facebook, or personal websites
  • You can” like” and share blogs via the blogging platform and social networking
  • You engage in communication simply by reading the blog

Let’s go back to our first example:

Let’s say a veteran teacher decided to write a blog about using technology in the classroom. Let’s say this blog was dated a year ago. You might do an Internet search about technology use in the classroom, click on the link for this blog post, and find this blog post very useful. By reading the blog, you have shared in this communication. Now, you could post a comment on this blog, but the likelihood of the blogger responding to you about a post from a year ago is unlikely. Does that mean the information is not relevant? No. It’s just blogging is a very fast-paced place to be!

My assignment was to engage bloggers in communication. I did this in a number of ways. First, I sought out and subscribed to an overwhelming number of blogs. Blogs relating to education are abundant and the content being posted to these varied, but the majority of this content was engaging. Frankly, I got lost in this amazing world of so many passionate teachers sharing their insights in education! The next post contains  just a handful of the ones I liked. But trust me, this is a small drop in a vast ocean of what is available!

The blogs that I found for this assignment were primarily by teachers, for teachers. These blogs included:

  • Sharing current lessons and asking for advice from the fellow teaching community
  • Sharing general thoughts and inspiration about teaching
  • Sharing struggles about teaching
  • Sharing ideas for lessons to try in your own classroom
  • Sharing discussion about current topics in education

Again, I want to state that these blogs were the ones that I particularly liked or related to or found interesting. You might not find them to your taste or needs-so I encourage you to look for blogs that do meet those tastes and needs!

I also communicated with two bloggers via e-mail. These communications were somewhat brief, but what I learned is that bloggers are willing to extend conversations through e-mail, and the response time (that I experienced) was within 24 hours. So I encourage you to e-mail the blogger if they have provided their e-mail address. Again, blogging is partially about community.

I also linked to Mr. Vilson’s facebook page. (More on him in the next post)

Some of the bloggers had links to follow them on Twitter, but I don’t have a Twitter account. Just check the individual blog for more ways to get connected to your favorite content.

My next post will show you how I am sharing these blogs!

I hope you are starting to see that “communication” takes a wide definition within the blogging community. So what are you waiting for? Get out there and start communicating! (Oh wait, you already are-thanks for joining the conversation!)



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