Looking at some excellent teacher blogs

I promised you in the last post I would share with you some teacher blogs I found. Here they are:

Mr. Vilson writes about his experiences as a middle-school math teacher in a New York school. Among other things. This blog quickly became my favorite because of the frankness, yet passion, the blogger exhibits. WARNING: this blog uses strong language.

Seeking a blog that sheds light on teaching English? Willy Cardoso will not disappoint. For example, he provides some interesting insight on using coursebooks. I also like that he is not American (he currently lives in London).

Want to know how to teach physics via Angry Birds? How about insight on standards-based grading? Frank Noschese says he teaches, “in an affluent area with strong parental involvement in the schools. They go to great colleges, have great test scores, and do awesome things outside of school. (Blog comment, August 13, 2011).”

Part of the fun of blogging is community. Here  is a great math blog that both shares insights and questions, inviting collaboration. Michael Pershan also links to a great collaborative math website for teachers of all ages.

In many cases, I didn’t just read the most current posts. Rather, I searched the blogs for information based on what we had been talking about in class. I found some blog posts, albeit older ones, that related to much of what we were discussing in class.

For example:

From Mr. Vilson:

Differentiation and common core

More on the common core

Better ways to correct mistakes

On never giving up 

From Mr. Noschese:

Effective technology use

On planning

From Mr. Pershan:

More on technology

On challenging students but avoiding student frustration

What do kids hate about school?

How to use assigned seating as a teachable moment

From Mr. Cardoso:

Assessment (Not just a problem in the USA)

Natural contexts for teaching tense (also integrates reading and technology!)

I hope you find some of these links helpful. But if not, there are plenty more out there! Feel free to share with me your favorite blogs, on education or otherwise!


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